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Ang Nakikita, Mikael de Lara-Co


Una sa lahat: kailangan mong maniwala: wala akong kayang sabihin

kundi ang nakikita. Nagsanib ang tubig-ulan at dura at grasa sa pitak-pitak na mukha ng kalsada; namumuo ang liwanag at pinabibigat ang namamagang alangaang; ito ang madaling-araw; ito ang Maynila;

ito ang Maynila sa tuwing…

Memories: A Reply, Gian Lao


Dearest, this is how a picture fades: slowly. That sometimes I forget the importance of a good memory. When we loved each other in the time before photographs, I remember my hands committing to memory the perfect faults of your face, observing which parts of it disappeared first. The nose. I…


Spectacular Shadow Portrait from a Sheet

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita is known for her stunning installations that incorporate the clever use of shadows. Her newest piece is called ‘Veil’, and it is a work of wonder. Veil is a temporary installation at the Villa Como in Italy in the 23th edition of Miniartextil. It is created out of a single piece of cloth, but through simple lighting mastery, it produces a shadowy outline of a woman. The result of simple elements produce this unbelievable outcome.

(Source: designtaxi.com, via odditiesoflife)

Just sharing this new avatar for my reblogger blog.

Just sharing this new avatar for my reblogger blog.